Samples &

Pattern Book Services


In support of our customers, we manufacture product samples on their behalf which is a must for E-commerce businesses but important for physical retail customers also. Our samples accurately represent the paper and print quality of the final product.

Samples range from A3 (booklet), A4 and A5.

Samples display a section of the design to scale, a repeat illustration, brand, design name, colourway and the technical attributes of the product.

Pattern book services

We can also work with you to produce pattern books to accurately advertise and display your wallpaper.
Placement print allows us to work with clients to pick the hero or most salient part of design showing off the most desirable elements/aspects of the artwork, ensuring the patten book will be the same for each and every book we produce.
Our in house cutting ensures quality control to the highest standards to supply to the book binder for finishing.