Wallpaper &

Contract Vinyl


Our whole focus is on producing quality wallpapers for the high-end home furnishing market that are not only aesthetically stunning with a pleasing tactile quality but are also environmentally friendly.

We produce digital wallpapers, using a water-based ink system, printed on Non-woven FSC-certified paper offering widths of 70cm or 52cm as standard. Supplied on a high quality non-woven paste the wall substrate.

To ensure exceptional quality, we subject each roll to rigorous control checks throughout the manufacturing process. We fully understand that our market requires a very high level of attention to detail, standards, and consistency!

Manufacturing is fully vertical; all products are processed in-house from the moment the base paper reel arrives. It’s then printed, trimmed, cut into rolls, sample sheets, pattern book pages etc. We inspect at every stage of the process for colour and quality, before a final inspection of trim which we do for every roll prior to it being boxed for shipping.

Contract Vinyl

When it comes to contract supply, we have a number of vinyl substrates available to the required specifications, whether they be architectural or design.

For more details regarding specific projects please contact us for more information.