We believe in

creative freedom

Our expertise and knowledge supports your design choices. We believe your creative freedom should never be limited. By embracing innovation and technology along with years of industry experience we can assist the creative, and design process by delivering a product that we can all be proud of!

We are always prepared to challenge the status quo, to seek new ways to enhance our customer’s experience.

Our vision is to transform interior design products by providing unparalleled printing, processes and finished product solutions that will enable our customers to not only express their creativity, but whilst doing so offering a product in the marketplace that is desirable, functional, user friendly, and of the highest quality whilst giving value for money.

We’re committed to supporting our customers by helping to reduce traditional development processes and associated costs, and to promote increased flexibility to showcase new designs more often than was ever possible before.

Printed to Order

Print to Order manufacturing offers a business model that allows our customers the luxury of:

  • Reducing financial commitment
  • Reducing the need for large stocks
  • Eliminating over stocking
  • A quick turnaround

This even allows you to carry forward a single colourway of a design that is selling beyond the life span of others.

Drop Shipping

Acting as an extension of your business, we can deliver direct to your customer’s on your behalf, with the immediate benefits of:

  • Reducing the cost of transport by half
  • Reducing your carbon footprint
  • Reducing delivery times
  • Reducing potential damage caused by shipping twice